About Mary Help of Christians Altona

Mary Help of Christians Church was born in early 1921. It was originally housed temporarily in halls at different locations. The church obtained independent status as a parish in 1942. A permanent church building was completed on the present site in 1965. 

The narthex was added in 1993 and is an ideal place for welcoming people to our Church Community. It is also used as a meeting place for some of the Church Groups.

There are two special areas, which offer parishioners quiet places for rest and reflection – The Blessed Sacrament Chapel and the Memorial Garden.

The Blessed Sacrament Chapel
The Blessed Sacrament Chapel was opened in 1982. It contains the metal tabernacle that was originally used by the Presentation Sisters and earlier, the Josephite Sisters.

The chapel is used for a number of activities, such as Rosary Recitals, prayerful Meditation and contemplation. The Chapel is located to the left rear of the main church building and can be entered by following the pathway along the left side of the church.

The chapel is 8.30 am to 6 pm in winter and 8.30 am to 8 pm during daylight saving time.

Memorial Garden
Surrounded by beautiful plantings, statues and water features the layout and seating of the garden provides a tranquil place for meditation and repose. 

Children from St Mary’s Primary School are also encouraged to hold learning sessions with their teachers in the Memorial Garden.

The Memorial Garden was officially opened in May 2001. It was designed and developed by Gino Gammaldi. There are plaques in the Garden which name all the benefactors, past clergy, past school principals, patrons and officiating Bishops. Father Clem Cafarella was the Parish Priest at the time and was instrumental in allowing for this very special development to proceed. The garden is paved with pavers engraved with the names of departed loved ones and also with pavers of parishioners who are still very much a part of the Mary Help of Christians community.

The garden is also open to the general community. Entry to the garden is through the Blessed Sacrament Chapel.